Does my Tier Status Expire?

You are guaranteed to stay in the tier you are at for a 12-month period from the day you entered the tier.

If you do not spend the required amount to either level up or remain in that tier, you will be demoted 1 or more tiers.


1/1/2024: Jane is at the Bronze tier and has spent $200. Jane will stay in Bronze until 1/1/2025.

​​During these 12 months, if Jane spends a minimum of $200, she will remain in Bronze.

​If Jane spends less than $200, she will move back to the Member tier on 2/1/2025.

​If however, Jane spends $500+ before 1/1/2025, she will move up into Silver, and her 12 months will reset on this new date.​

The best way to look at it is your tier status can expire after 12 months, however once you reach a new tier, you are guaranteed to remain in this tier for 1 year (unless you level up).​

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