How do I wash my Reusable Nappy?

First wash - we recommend washing your nappies twice. The first wash (or pre-wash) should be in water that is 40-60 degrees celsius and using washing detergent. Running a pre-wash assists in flushing away urine and any remaining solids prior to the main wash. This can be a shorter cycle than the main wash, around 30 minutes. 

Second wash - using your machines longest wash cycle (approx. 2+ hours), wash your nappies and pads in water that is 40-60 degrees celsius, using washing detergent. 

Drying - there are two options when drying your nappies; line drying or tumble drying. Line drying is recommended over tumble drying as this will help to ensure longevity and assist with stain removal. Tumble drying is a quicker way to dry your nappies, so if you do decide to tumble dry, you can do so on a low-heat setting. 

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