What washing detergent should we use to wash Purebaby products?

It is entirely up to you. Purebaby products are not treated with any harmful chemicals and are all 100% organic cotton. Before washing your garments it is important to always check the individual care instructions attached to your garment. Washing with detergents that are kind to the environment is the best way to care for your Purebaby garments. We recommend you use sensitive washing powder/liquid that has no chemicals in it, to ensure your baby does not experience allergies to artificial perfumes and chemicals or fading in the garments. We do not recommend any particular brand.

Below are our general recommendations for the different fabrics/products we typically sell at Purebaby:

ORGANIC COTTON: Machine-wash your organic cotton in cold or warm water. Line or tumble dry on a low heat. Fabric softeners or bleach are not advised.

WOOL: Please take particular care when washing your woollen garments, as some of our pieces do require hand washing in an approved liquid wool detergent. Do not bleach woollen garments, as this will destroy the natural fibres. As wool is a natural fibre, it may pill through general wear. The best way to maintain a premium look and feel of your woollen garment is to remove any pilled balls by gently plucking or combing the fabric with a knitwear comb. Once the yarn has finished releasing these shorter fibres, the longer, higher, twisted fibres will remain and the pilling will cease.

COTTON SLEEPBAGS: Ensure the zip is fully closed to prevent snagging or tears. Machine-wash your sleeping bag in cold or warm water with your eco-friendly detergent of choice. Line or tumble dry on a low heat. Fabric softeners or bleach are not advised for this fabric.

NATURAL FIBRE WADDING: Purebaby is unique in that we offer natural fibre wadding in our sleeping bags, which provides warmth, while still allowing the skin to breathe. To care for your sleeping bags we recommend a gentle machine wash, followed by line drying.

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