How Do I Earn Points Online?

You will automatically earn reward points when you shop online at or in-store, as long as you are using the same email address you first signed up with.

Online purchases will be reflected in your tier spend within 48 hours of order dispatch. In store purchases will be reflected in your account within 24 hours. If your spend is still not updated within these timeframes, please contact us.

Please note, we do advise that any online purchases are made a week prior to the quarter ending to ensure that it is included with the current quarter spend as the points are counted once an order is dispatched. If your order is shipped in the new quarter, your spend will be included with the new quarter instead.

Click and Collect orders are counted towards your Loyalty spend once collected from the store. If you collect your order after a quarter has ended, the order will then be counted towards your spend for the new Loyalty Quarter. For example: An order placed in December but not collected until January, the points accumulated for the order will be part of the Jan-March Loyalty Quarter as this is when the order was collected.

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